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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Why box lacrosse?
Box lacrosse is a fast paced, exciting game that improves your stick skills dramatically. You will enhance your foot work, shot and passing in traffic. Because nets are smaller and goalies are bigger, you have to get creative to score. Defense builds your physical play. Without the benefit of a long pole, you must stay tight on your man.

Why is our league different?
The YBL has the direct support of the Minnesota Swarm indoor lacrosse team. Swarm player and coach involvement provides opportunities to learn from the best while becoming a more well rounded lacrosse player. Swarm box players and coaches, NCAA D1 All-Americans, and MLL All-Stars conduct clinics throughout the YBL season.  On top of that, you can meet new friends for fun on and off the field.

How long does a game run?
Professional box lacrosse has four 15 minute quarters. Canadian box lacrosse is three 20 minute periods. The YBL plays four 12 minute quarters.

What size are box lacrosse cages?
Professional box lacrosse cages (or goals) are 4' by 4'9". Canadian box lacrosse uses 4' by 4' for minor lacrosse and Jr “A” while major lacrosse uses 4' by 4'6".

How many players per team?
Each team must have at least 12 players including goalies but no more than 20.

When is the latest I can register?
The final deadline will be determined at a later date.

Which division do I belong to?
Divisions are determined by location. Contact your local coach or lacrosse organization for more information.

Are there team practices?
Practices are the responsibility of the organization or coaches.

How do I register?
Coaches can register their team online. All players are registered by their coach. Contact the nearest coach to get placed on a team.

Why Box Lacrosse?

Players get more time with the ball to improve their stick skills because the ball rarely goes out of play. Operating in tighter spaces with less reaction time boosts anyone’s field game. A player’s shooting skills grow as they shoot on smaller nets against goalies wearing more equipment. The indoor game is simply quicker up and down the turf, which improves all-around athleticism and fitness.

Wayne Gretzky played box lacrosse and hockey growing up. Combining skills from each sport helped develop his sense of creativity. Some say it was the lacrosse background that pushed his hockey talent to the next level. Gary Gait is one of the most prominent lacrosse players of our time, and he grew up playing the box style. For a recent example we turn to John Tavares of Team Canada (

The majority of lacrosse players also participate in hockey during the winter. Box lacrosse is the perfect transition between hockey and field lacrosse. In fact, if you placed hockey and field lacrosse in a blender, you would get box lacrosse.

Today, college and professional field lacrosse is beginning to notice a trend where box players are excelling and taking the game to a whole new level. Box players harness shots with pin-point accuracy, along with quicker and more effective passing in tight spaces. Many great field players are also playing in the NLL, but the transition is difficult because they waited until later in their careers to make the move. Minnesota athletes now have this opportunity at a much younger age.

Help put Minnesota lacrosse on the map by developing an amazing community of next generation talent.

10 Reasons to Play Box Lacrosse

10.FASTER PLAY | The speed is way faster than anything you would see   outdoors.  It makes playing outside seem like going in slow motion

9.STICK HANDLING | Playing in closer spaces means your stick skills have to be tighter and quicker.  Your stick handling improves because there is no room for error, quite literally.

8.TRANSITION | Ball moves from defense to offense with increased speed.  Players learn quickly to breakout and move the ball up the field.

7.DEFENSIVE BODY POSITION | No D-Poles means that defensive players have to use good body position to be successful.

6.OFF-BALL MOVEMENT | Playing in such a tight area means it is that much harder to get open.  Running through people to go to goal just doesn't work.  Players learn to cut, pick and keep in constant motion.

5.GOALIES SEE MORE RUBBER | Shots come hard and fast.  Goalies see more shots in a shorter period of time.  Their hands and reaction time become much quicker.

4.SHOOTING ACCURACY | Gary Gait is among many who have gone on record about the shooting accuracy that comes from playing box lacrosse.

3.REACTION TIME | Almost every point made deals with faster speeds.  A byproduct of playing faster is you have to react faster.  That means faster to a ground ball, faster in transition, faster to play the ball, faster to shoot the ball.  You name it, your reaction to it gets faster.

2.PLAYER SAFETY | When it comes to pre-season training, the goal is to get better for the Spring season, not get hurt.  Many indoor facilities boast full fields, which ultimately are surrounded by some sort of netting.  As one of the area's top orthopedic doctors pointed out, the box is a safer playing surface.  There is nothing to get tripped up on and in to.

1.PROVEN SUCCESS | You can list as many of the benefits as you want, but the proof is in the success that box players have.  Look at the most successful players over the last decade.  The majority play box in the off season.  Paul Rabil, Casey Powell, the Gait brothers.  No matter who you identify with, the common thread is that they have or still do play box lacrosse.